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Northern Elder

Ahnah -Ahnah Putyuk
-Healer - Waterbender

 – Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure.

My name is Ahnah.

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FrejahLeighton Ahnah
Ahnah Putyuk
Biographical Information
Home Town Southern Water Tribe
Pet Buffalo Yak ; Tunerk
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Waterbender
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Father Oogrooq
Mother Yuralria
Sibling -
Loyalty Tuuluuwaq & Ublurek family
Element Water


Ahnah has deep, dark blue eyes and long, beautiful black hair, she usually has the bulk of her hair down but occasionally she pulls a few pieces back in hair loopies to keep it out of her face. She tends to wear purple or varying blue shades of traditional Waterbender clothing.


Sweet, very determined and proud. These are the three that would best describe Ahnah, she is a very kind and caring person. She is also extremely determined, she knows that wining and losing are 50/50 chance but she also knows that with enough faith in herself she can do anything. Ahnah was taught to be very proud and to never be ashamed of anything, every choice that is made should be made with confidence or not at all.


Ahnah is the only child and daughter of Oogrooq and Yuralria Putyuk. Oogrooq and his family the Putyuk's were foreigners who had arrived to the Southern Water Tribe when he was a young child of 10. He met and befriend Yuralria and her younger brother Kappiataitok very quickly. Kappi and Rooq as they came to be known to each other were friends before Yura was ever interested.

The Tuuluuwaq children received their cuttle fish marks after performing the ice dodging ritual at the age of 14. Yura, Mark of the Wise and her brother Kappi, Mark of the Brave, their friend Rooq was included receiving the Mark of the Trusted. Yura and Rooq admitted their feelings for one another that day. While they were not a couple they only had eyes for one another.

As they grew older Rooq and Yura married and moved to the Northern Water Tribe where he was originally from. Their daughter Ahnah was born at night during a full moon, her mother Yura believes that Ahnah's bending was immediately strong. To this day she swears that as she was giving birth Ahnah was healing her mother, her father believes it was his own doing.

She grew up in the very strict environment of the Northern Water Tribe. She followed every order, aside from sneaking into the Spirit Oasis. Her father had been teaching her fighting techniques privately since she could speak. He knew it was forbidden, but he wanted his daughter to be protected if no one were around to call for help.

When Ahnah was 16 she learned that it was time for boys to begin asking to marry her. She had already received a few necklaces, none of the boys who left them for her had the courage to tell her, they just left them in front of her house. She wore a few before her mother told her what they meant, she was disappointed and very upset. She had wished someone had told her about this betrothal custom before.

She was not prepared for marriage and she definitely didn't want an arranged one. On the night she was to leave and never return, she watched a boy placing another necklace in front of her home, she confronted him. It was her crush Akluitok, she asked him why he hadn't just offered it to her in person. He admitted all the boys knew she could use her bending to fight and really just wanted bender kids instead of non benders.

Ahnah was furious and a little heartbroken. She was not sure how to feel so just she ran away, she returned to her home the next morning. Her mother had been nothing but worried and her father was very angry, he knew exactly what had happened, he had heard from Akluitok's father. He promised Ahnah she could and would have a say in her marriage, he would only force her to choose and not choose for her.

Using her 'say' in her arranged marriage, Ahnah put it off for almost a full year until her father overheard a conversation with her mother. Yura asked "What is so wrong with these boys?". Ahnah told her "Nothing is wrong with them, but nothing is right either." She mentioned how the boys just wanted to try and be sure they had bender children with her. Her mother laughed and her father proclaimed that she just lost her say.

On her 17th birthday Ahnah was married to Tatkret Ublurek. He was older, by barely two years. He had grown up near the family and both sets of parents had been friends before the Ublurek's died, one after the other. Tatkret was already 17 when his parents died and needed no one to look after him. Rooq had always seen something of himself in Tatkret, and believed a strong man like him was exactly what Ahnah needed.

While her new husband and father hunted, Ahnah stayed back to discuss a few little marital problems she was having as a wife with her mother Yura. When her father and husband returned, she asked where Tatkret was, he was waiting with a gift. Ahnah stepped outside to discover a young Buffalo yak, she named him Tunerk, which means gift.

The two men had killed and Arctic Hippo while hunting, bringing the meat home they discovered a small Buffalo yak whining over an adult carcass. Rooq was going to kill it, Tatkret stopped him pointing out it would be the perfect pet for Ahnah, he knew she did not want children but caring for a "baby" would be the way to bring out her maternal instincts, possibly even changing her mind.

Ahnah did come to love Tunerk as she would have loved a child, she was beginning to warm to the idea of a family when Tatkret was killed. Hunting with Rooq, the men had spotted an Ox goat, Tatkret and Rooq quietly argued over who would make the kill. They didn't notice the pack of wolves that had surrounded them, Tatkret sacrificed himself so that Rooq could live.

Yura and Ahnah did their best to heal the wounds Rooq received mostly to his legs. When he was fully healed, she let her parents know she was leaving. She couldn't stay in the North any longer without Tatkret, everything would have reminded her of him. Her mother was very sad but understood Ahnah's pain, her father was upset but felt Tatkret was his fault and they let her go.

She left the Northern tribe and returned to her mother's childhood home in the South. Lived for a short time with the Tuuluuwaaq family, in the home of her uncle Madlernartok and aunt Saima. She is free to use her Waterbending as a healer in the South, Ahnah is currently 20 years old and living in the Southern Water Tribe with her cousins Tipsin and Kuvia.