Akiko Wang
The Vain Flame
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MapLTemplate This character is currently at Ember Island. You can only talk to Akiko if you are at the same location.


Akiko -Firebender
-The Vain Flame

 – In the coldest flint there is a hot fire.

Go away! I'm busy training! *she looks ready to burn you to a crisp*



Akiko's father, Hitoshi, was a firebender and her mother, Sukki, was a non-bender.Hitoshi was an excellent firebender and he always defeated his opponents whenever he was challenged.Hitoshi and Sukki together had four kids and Akiko was the second firebender out of the four; her other two siblings, her twins siblings (a brother and a sister) being non-benders just like her mother.Ever since she was a young child, Akiko showed her great skills as a firebender.Akiko always loved to firebend and her father taught her how to.Akiko was proven to be quite the opponent, just like her father.

When Akiko was fourteen, her father hired an old friend of his, Ichiro Yamazaki who was a master firebender and probably one of the best in the Fire Nation, to teach Akiko how to sharpen her skills as a firebender.Ichiro was a hard teacher.He was ill-tempered and quite grouchy and angry.Whenever Akiko did something wrong, he yelled at her.This is probably why Akiko came to be so cold and angry most of the time.Akiko complained to her father about Ichiro's actions against Akiko.Hitoshi's remark to Akiko, though, surprised her.Her father lashed out at her, yelling at her, screaming.He told Akiko that she should be grateful that she was learning from one of the greatest firebenders in the world.

After this fight, Akiko decided to learn firebending on her own.She no longer wanted to be pushed around by her father or Ichiro, and so, she trained in secret.A friend of hers (surprisingly she actually had a friend) saw her and told Akiko that her mother could teach Akiko how to firebend, if she would like.And so, Akiko learned from her friend's mother, Aimi, firebending.Aimi was more compassionate and Akiko eventually became a better firebender with Aimi's help.She is currently training and living with Aimi on Ember Island and Aimi's husband, who is a high-ranking official of the Fire Nation.Akiko is currently fifteen.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born January 17th, 1997
Family Hitoshi Wang (Father),
Sukki Wang (Mother)
Status Alive, Firebender, 15
Eye Colour Dark brown
Hair Colour Reddish-Brown
Height 5'6"
Other Statistics
Occupation Firebender
Weapons Fire
Home Ember Island
Affilation Herself



Akiko is very vain and only thinks about herself.She's selfish and she enjoys other people's pain and misery.Akiko is stubborn and arrogant and she always thinks that she is right.Akiko does not like to be interrupted when she is training.She's at the intermidiate level of a firebender and she believes that she is one of the best firebenders in the world.Akiko is very cold towards people who she doesn't consider in her "inner-circle" and she also calls the Fire Nation the best nation out of them all.Akiko is almost a master firebender, as well.

Firebending SkillsEdit

Firebending Skills

Akiko is very good at the art of firebending, just like her father.Akiko is at the intermidiate level of a firebender and she is almost a master firebender, at the age of 15.Akiko, however, has yet to generate lightning, a skill she is currently working on now with her firebending teacher.She shows a great skill in firebending, and she can take on a Master Firebender for quite some time.More than seven minutes, less than fifteen.Akiko also demonstrates the ability to perform the technique of breathing fire.



Name Relation Feelings
Hitoshi Wang Father He's a great firebender, really, but him hiring Ichiro was really a big mistake.He is, however, my idol.
Sukki Wang Mother She's a non-bender and she wishes that I would stop gloating to my other two siblings, non-benders, that I can firebend and they cannot.I do love her though.
Ichiro Yamazaki Former Firebending Teacher He was rough on me; Aimi is a better teacher than he is, really.
Tadao, Takao, and Kiyomi Wang Siblings Takao and me are firebenders; I wish I could say the same about Tadao and Kiyomi.
Aimi Kimura Current Firebender Teacher She's a better teacher than Ichiro, although she isn't as amazing in the art of firebending as him.