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Message from the Founder

Avatar Roleplaying Wiki is a wiki which anyone can edit. It features living in a fictional roleplaying universe located in the world of Avatar. You can either be an Airbender, Waterbender, Earthbender, Firebender or a normal citizen. I hope you enjoy! Cosmiggy

How the Wiki Works

Earth Kingdom - You can take a role of an adventurer Earthbender, or a Royal Guardsman of the Earth King. You may also be a non - bender and take roles of a Cabbage Vendor, Store Owners and Citizens of Ba Sing Se. Before becoming an Earthbender, you need to find an earthbending teacher to teach you earthbending.

Water Tribe - You can take a role of a swift Waterbender, A fine healer or a Water Tribe Warrior. Be a non - bender to take roles of Water Tribe citizens, elders and more. In order to be a waterbender, You need to find a waterbending master.

Fire Nation - You can take a role of a powerful Firebender, A Sun Warrior and a member of the Fire Nation Army. Be a non - bender and take the role of a Fire Nation citizen, shop owners, blacksmiths and technologists. Complete Two Missions and gain a Dragon.

Air Nomads - Everyone in the Air Nomads are airbenders. Finish your Airbending Training and earn your rightful Nomad Tatoos. Complete Two Missions and gain a Sky Bison.

Other Features

Pets - You can own a variety of Pets such as Flying Lemurs (for Air Nomads), Hog Monkeys (for Fire Nation), Polar Bear Puppies (for Water Tribe), Fire Ferrets, Flying Boars, Ostrich Horses and Long - Eared Rabbits. The following is a list:

Missions - Missions are the portal to travel around the world. Completing Missions earn you rewards. Complete Plenty of them and earn wonderful rewards. Also, to go to missions, necessary supplies are required such as Water, Tents and Food.

Houses - If you are a non - bender, you need to buy a house to where you can live. Houses are affordable and has many designs. By getting a Job, you may earn money. This will be developed later on.

Money System - By getting a job, you may start earning money. This will be developed later on.

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