MapLTemplate This character is currently at the Southern Water Tribe. You can only talk to him if you are at the same location.
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born March 9th
Family Nieva Sheng (sister)

Sokki Sheng (father) †

Lara Sheng (mother) †

Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Dark brown
Height Average
Affiliation Southern Water Tribe
Weapons Knife
Bending Ability Waterbending

Missions N/A


Ben is a brave person. He is very protective of his little sister, Nieva. Ben generally enjoys fishing and hunting. He just enjoys the sport, the silence, the concentration, how it heightens your senses. When he's not hunting, he's at the tribe with his people, just enjoying life. He loves his sister, and doesn't want her to end up like their parents. Ben is rather disgusted by thugs, who take advantage of the weak and defenseless. His hate for them only increased when his parents were killed.


Ben was born to Lara and Sokki Sheng in the Southern Water Tribe. The two parents cared for their son very much. Sokki was very proud of his son. About two years later, the couple had a second child. She was a beautiful girl. They named her Nieva. The couple loved their children very much, willing to risk their lives for them. Ben loved his sister. She meant alot to him.

Several years later, a gang of theives came into the Sheng homestead. Sokki told Lara to baricade herself and the kids in the basement. Lara did as he commanded without hesitation. She was not going to let those thugs hurt their children. Sokki took the closest weapon, a spear. The thugs took this as a threat and fought Sokki. Sokki was able to take down one of the men, but the other three were too much. They had slain him.

The thugs walked over to the basement door, unable to enter at first. Lara demanded the two children to hide. Ben was hesitant to leave Lara there, but knew he had no fighting chance against those thugs. Ben hid with Nieva, making sure she wouldn't be hurt. The thugs entered the room and demanded protection money. Lara, being the stubborn person she was, refused. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, they wouldn't be able to cough up the money. The thugs then killed Lara and took anything they could find that was valuable. Rage filled Ben. The thugs were able to leave when Ben suddenly threw a gust of water at one of the thugs. The bigger of the three thugs tried to kill Ben with his club. But Ben was able to dodge and freeze the thugs, killing them.

Ben knew that he and Nieva were on their own now. He wasn't going to let Nieva die like mom and dad. He was going to protect her with his life. With their former home ruined, Ben knew that they would need a new residence. Ben was able to get a small home with the little money he had. Ben continued It wasn't the best home, but it was their new home. Afterwards, Nieva and Ben began training for waterbending. Ben was rather proficient in the art. The instructor was most pleased in both of their skills. A couple years later, Ben mastered the skill, using it for many things. It ranged from fighting to regular lifestyle activities. Ben would continue to live with Nieva for years to come. They had only each other. No one else.


Ben has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is of average height and his skin is light.