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1. Name: Dresdin Takama

2. Nation: Earth Kingdom

3. Job (bender or not; if not, specify what job): Earthbending teacher.

4. Appearance:He is year 23 old Asian male. He is tall, 6'3, and has a slim muscular build, long black hair, and piercing gray eyes. He also has a dragon tattoo on his chest that spans over his arm.


5. Personality:Dresdin is wise,very intellectual, as well as very intuitive,honorable, loyal, valiant, and courageous. He has his introverted moments,but tries to be a socialite. He is devoted to his training as a bender, and takes it rather seriously.In battle, though. His personality is severely changed. He is ferocious and unyielding, bordering on savage. Because of this, he tries to avoid conflict. He is also passionate writer and poet, as well as songwriter. He is currently unaware of his potential, but is improving as he continuously trains.

6. History:Being the son of a member of the Dai Li and a teacher at the Ba Sing Se Univerisity , Dredin's life has never been exactly difficult.Even as a young boy, he was taught the finer points of earthbending in combat and hard work as well as working smart. At 7, his father taught him how to use his strength to fight using more advanced techniques. A year later, as his mother took maternity leave from her work in the University, she told him of the importance of using his mind to his advantage. At 10, Dres noticed a lot of his friends were sent to an academy where they were trained to be fighters and were given a lot of basic survival skills and martial arts training. By the time he was 16, he was pressured by many in the to volunteer for the Hunger games and win it for them, but he then had his family to think about, and with both his parents having time-consuming careers, he had to take care of his brother and sister, ans continues to do so. Now 22, HE began to show his expertise in Earthbedning and soon began training and quickly began to move up, eventually becoming Earthbending teacher for Bas Sing Se, and eventually the entire Earth Kingdom

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