Daiyu Chiyo - Gen

Gen -Daiyu Gen Chiyo

 – Every sweet has its sour; every evil its good.

I'm Gen.

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Daiyu Gen
Daiyu Gen Chiyo
Biographical Information
Home Town Yu Dao
Pet Ostrich Horse ; Min
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Earthbender
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Father Ryota (Deceased)
ZhenZhen (Adoptive)
Mother Harumi (Deceased)
Xei (Adoptive)
Sibling -
Loyalty Yee family, Shuchun family, Lanying family, Chiyo famiy
Element Earth

Appearance :Edit

Gen has very pale skin and very long wild black hair that is usually kept tied up in some fashion. Gen also has very strange Grey-Green eyes, they appear to be a light blue in certain light, but are an obvious pale green up close. She is fairly muscular from training with ZhenZhen, but her muscles are only visible in certain stances. Gen typically wears Earthbender clothing, she does wear her mother Harumi's fire pendant everyday.

Personality :Edit

Upon first impression Gen tends to comes off as sarcastic, insensitive, aggressive, confrontational and pessimistic. In actuality Gen can be very altruistic and forgiving. She is sarcastic and pessimistic but only as a self-defense mechanism. Gen is usually very loyal to her friends, if they break her trust she can become aggressive and confrontational.

History :Edit

Gen's mother Harumi was a fire bender, she believed her children would be like herself and her father Katsuo. When she and her husband Ryota (an Earthbender) welcomed Daiyu Gen into the world, Harumi removed her fire pendant and gave it to Gen, always reminding her daughter not be afraid of her natural fire.

Growing up, Harumi attempted to teach Gen a little fire bending. At age four she was shown various techniques for kicking and punching fire, her mother even showed her how she bends lightning, but Gen was not a fire bender. Gen demonstrated her earth bending abilities at the young age of six.

Gen had always been capable of :

Earth Shelter This can be used by earth benders to create a shelter or dome which can provide an instant shelter in the wilderness. This can also trap your opponents.

When Harumi had seen her Gen's Earth bending for the first time while playing Hide and Seek, She quickly scooped Gen up and ran home to tell Ryota. There Harumi witnessed Ryota's death at the hands of a gang of benders, both outraged and distraught over the loss of the father of her child and her beloved husband she lead Gen through a forest, far away from their home.

She told her they were playing and to hide, just like she had before. Harumi watched as Gen ran happily and obliviously even farther away and hid, using her earth bending. Harumi went back to their home and confronted the benders, she set everything a blaze. Killing herself in the process little Gen stayed hidden for a while giggling to herself, before falling asleep. Her last thoughts were mommy can't find me.

She was found several hours later by a newlywed couple Xei Mei Lin and Zhenzhen Ying Qiao. Xei would convince ZhenZhen to adopt the little orphaned girl. Raised by both Zhen and Xei, (mostly Xei) very lovingly in their home in the Earth Kingdom. The family resided in Yu Dao for six years before relocating to the massive capital Ba Sing Se when Gen was 12 years old.

The have lived very happily and luxuriously in the new home not far from the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace in the Upper Ring. The buildings of the Upper Ring are generally huge walled compounds. The homes are designed is much like small versions of the Royal Palace, itself.

The Upper Ring contains the city's upper class population, as well as military and government officials. Xei's family were citizens of the city and resided here, protected against criminals by the Dai Li. Xei came to love the now 16 year old Gen as a daughter.

Xei secretly trained her in Chu Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu. ZhenZhen however, would eventually see in Gen only the potential she was gaining as a powerful Earthbender he would also begin to train her in the Hung Gar style, teaching her some of the advanced techniques that she currently knows.

Gen and ZhenZhen have a dysfunctional relationship, they will not accept the 'father-daughter' type of bond that should exist between them. He allows her to live in his home, provides for her, and trains her in Earthbending and only tolerates her presence because of his love for Xei.

The compound were Gen lives is positioned perfectly for her to sneak out using her Earthbending, Gen often ventures to the Lower Ring, she and her pet Ostrich Horse, Min seem to love Old Ba Sing Se and Fire Light Fountain. She often goes without letting anyone know or asking for permission.

Bending :Edit

  • Earth Shelter This can be used by earth benders to create a shelter or dome which can provide an instant shelter in the wilderness. This can also trap your opponents.
  • Earth Launch can quickly move rock beneath them and launch them several tens of feet into the air, whether to catch airborne opponents or to travel faster.
  • Earth Smash Earthbenders can easily destroy rocks and boulders with punches and kicks.

  • Earth Bullets An Earthbender can disintegrated a compressed rock or stone and shot its shrapnel-like fragments with great speed, in a machine gun-like fashion.
  • Remote Earthbending If an Earthbender is suspended from the ground, but is aware that there is earth somewhere near, the Earthbender can focus his energies and bend that earth out of his physical reach out of sheer concentration.