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Kai Tsun
Phoenix Warrior
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Kai -Firebender
-Phoenix Warrior

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"You want to face me?"


Kai Tsun's mother Rina wasn't a very strong woman. After the birth of her youngest daughter, Suma, she died. Unfortunately, Suma gained her mother's weakness and was prone to sickness. Kai, however, was strong and cared for Suma. Kai and Suma's father, Hiro, begame very dark and depressed after the loss of his wife. He disapproved of everything that Kai did, and rarely payed attention to him. Hiro was a Firebender and worked as a guard at the Fire Palace. Kai wished to be a strong Firebender like his father, but he lost his idolization for his father after his mother died. When Kai was a thirteen, Hiro was layed off. This deepened Hiro's depression. One morning, Kai woke up to find his father's things gone. Kai ran through the city and found his father walking to the docks, getting ready to leave. Kai confronted his father and demanded that he stay and help care for Suma. Hiro didn't listen and kept walking. Kai tried to get his attention by Firebending, but couldn't manage anything except a small spark. Kai begged and pleaded, but nothing got through to Hiro. Kai then tried to use fire to get his father's attention. He tried and tried and eventually wore down his father's patience. Hiro told him to stop, but Kai persisted. Hiro grew angrier and more agitated. Hiro sent a fireball at Kai, but Kai sidestepped and shot a small flurry of sparks at his father. Hiro, seeing this, was intruiged that he would actually attack. Kai had distracted Hiro long enough for Hiro's boat to leave without him. Kai returned home with Hiro, making him swear to stay and not try and leave again. Hiro reluctantly agreed. When Kai turned fifteen, he enrolled in Firebending training. During the course of the next year, Suma became very sick. Hiro decided to take Suma to the healers in the Northern Water Kingdom. Kai agreed that he would come and visit them. After the first few months, Suma became too sick and died. Hiro decided that he would stay in the Water Kingdom to be healed from his depression and he has remained there to this day. Kai now lives alone in the Fire Nation Capital, training to become a Master Firebender.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Family Rina Tsun (mother)
Hiro Tsun (father)
Suma Tsun (sister)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'1
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Fighting Style Firebending
Home Fire Nation Capital
Missions -



Kai is a rather focused and even-tempered boy, but likes to cut loose once in a while. He wants to prove himself as an accomplished Firebender, training and testing his skills as much as he can. Kai figures himself as a leader and likes to be in control of a situation. He doesn't like to be around a lot of people, and he prefers to have fewer friends. To his closest friends, he is loyal and he will protect them when he needs to.



Kai has shaggy black hair and amber eyes. He has a slim, athlete's build, bringing him to approximately 6'1" feet tall. He has a small tattoo of a black flame on his right shoulder blade.



Kai is a Firebender, therefore he can control and create fire and lightning.



Burn It Down - Linkin Park

Burn It Down - Linkin Park

Burn It Down by Linkin Park



Name Relation Feelings
Hiro Tsun Father We don't talk much...
Rina Tsun Mother I wish she were here.
Suma Tsun Sister I miss her a lot, but she's in a better place.