MapLTemplate This character is currently at Northern Air Temple. You can only talk to him if you are at the same location.
Avatar Arrow This airbender has mastered the art of airbending and therefore is granted her respective Airbender Tattoos.
Master Airbender
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born September 15th
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height Average
Affiliation Air Nomads
Weapons Staff
Bending Ability Airbending

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Kalden is a wise nomad. Kalden often teaches young monks some airbending as well as moral and life lessons, but he isn't the head teacher. He is a peace-loving man. Kalden is a rather talented airbender. He enjoys tea, and the game of Pai Sho.


Kalden was born at the Eastern Temple to two airbenders. Kalden's father, however, had to return to the Southern Air Temple. Kalden's mother raised up until the age of 4. Kalden was then sent to train under the head teacher and her assistants. At the age of 6, the head teacher gave him and other young children an apple and had them pick a sky bison. However, the head teacher warned the children to choose wisely, as a sky bison is a companion for life. Kalden was rather nervous. He held an apple out to a sky bison. The sky bison ate it, then licking Kalden. Kalden laughed and hugged the sky bision. This was his new best friend, Shanti.

Kalden continued studying the airbending arts for years to come. He became rather adept at airbending for his age. The head monks began to notice Kalden's profiecieny. They decided to send Kalden to the Northern Air Temple to further train. When Kalden arrived, he made friends with the other children immediately. The children trained together, as well as playing sports. Kalden's skill helped him in the two activities. Over time, Kalden's airbending talents increased with practice. After a few years, Kalden mastered the art of airbending. He gained his airbending tattoos, showing his mastery.

For his life after mastering airbender, Kalden spent a lot of his time at the Air Temples, mostly the Northern. Sometimes, he would travel to Earth Kingdom towns. Once, he even traveled to the Northern Water Tribe, and even as far as the Fire Nation. Not many exciting things have happened for a while in Kalden's life. To this day, Kalden serves as a mentor to many young monks and a monk for the Air Nomads.


Like most master airbenders, Kalden has airbending tatoos on his head, with black hair around his bald head. Kalden's height is average and his skin is light.