MapLTemplate This character is currently at Northern Water Tribe. You can only talk to her if you are at the same location.
Waterbender and Healer-in-training
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born Winter, 1996
Family Ryu Hayabusa (Father)

Lei Hayabusa (Mother)

Sagiri (Future husband)

Status Alive and single
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'2"
Affiliation Northern Water Tribe

Hayabusa Family

Weapons Bending ability
Bending Ability Waterbending

Missions N/A

Kasumi Hayabusa (霞隼) is a waterbender and healer-in-training in the Northern Water Tribe. She is currently bethroted to her future husband and boyfriend, Sagiri.


Kasumi -Water Bender and Healer
-Northern Lily

 – Do your best at your own pace.



She was born to a skilled waterbending father named Ryu and a skilled healer mother named Lei in 1996 (aged sixteen). She was trained early in both waterbending and healing to prepare her for the time where she will go out on her adventures. She was raised up a kind and friendly girl and had many friends at the academy. Upon reaching the age of sixteen, she was bethroted to her future husband, Sagiri. Her wedding to him will happen on her eigteenth birthday. Sagiri is a guardsman who is at duty at the gate of the city. Kasumi currently trains her offensive/defensive and healing waterbending abilities under the waterbending master.


Kasumi has the long, black hair tied to loopees and braids. She has small, black eyes, medium height (5'2"), slim body and fair complexion. She wears the regular Water Tribe tunic along with her blue jacket. When at hot places, she takes off her jacket and wear the tunic alone.


She's dedicated and hardworking in her training and determined to save others but does not take harsh actions. She tries to solve a situation calmly and will do everything to make it her or her allies' plans work to perfection. She's good-natured and friendly.


She is well-trained in waterbending and can use its three different forms: water (liquid), ice (solid) and steam (gas). Although she still has a long way to completely master it. She is also training to heal using waterbending and takes healing lessons every other day.

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