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Fire Lord
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born December 14th
Family Fire Nation Royal Family
Status Alive
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Black
Height Tall
Affiliation Fire Nation
Weapons Sword
Bending Ability Firebending, lightning

Missions N/A


Kio has a rather commanding personality. He always takes time to consider his actions, before putting them into action. Kio puts his family and country before anything else. He tends to be angered easily from time to time, however, he usually remains calm. Though he doesn't care for violence, Kio does not hesitate to destroy his enemies with brute force, if necessary.


Kio Hara was born to the Fire Nation royal family. He was born as a firebender, and heir to his father. Kio had a brother and sister. His brother was rather jealous of the fact that Kio was the line as the Fire Lord. However, Kio never held anything personal against him. Kio and his sister got along very well. The three of them were sent off to the Fire Nation Royal Academy in the Fire Nation capital. They were what most people would call the "popular kids". Kio didn't really care for the attention though. He knew they weren't his true friends

During school, Kio became best friends with a girl named Jodi. Jodi knew Kio was more than just the Royal Prince, the heir to the Fire Lord. She knew he was a human being. The two remained friends for years to come. One day, the strongest person at the Academy, Yung, came up to Kio and demanded for his money or he'd pulverise him. Big deal. Kio began walked away when Yung hit him so hard, it made him fall in the fountain. Kio was not pleased. The two fought. Yung tried to punch Kio, but luckily Kio dodged. Yung's fist hit the fountian, cracking it slightly. Yung screamed in pain. Kio punched Yung several times. Yung groaned with pain. He punched Kio right in the gut. It felt like he just got hit by solid stone. He almost spilled his lunch. Kio, ignoring the pain, jumped in the air and kicked Yung in the face, knocking him unconscious. Kio had just beat up the strongest person in school. Word quickly spread around school and many people gained a new respect for Kio. However, news of this victory suddenly reached the headteacher. The headteacher reported this to Kio's father. Kio was punished, but Kio's father was still happy that Kio stood up for himself.

Kio's school years continued smoothly from then on. After graduating, Kio and Jodi went their separate ways. Jodi moved to the Earth Kingdom and Kio went into the military. He did not see much action, though, when he was called to arms, his tactics proved successful. This eventually earned Kio the rank of Captain. However, Kio soon decided to resign from the military and settle down. Kio became an employee at a tea shop in the capital. The owner of the restraunt was a nice, old man. Kio and the owner got along very well, the latter even considering Kio a son to him. Kio worked at the tea shop for 4 years. However, soon, the owner decided to retire, so he closed down the restraunt. On the same day, Kio learned that his father was very sick. Once he heard, he immediately went to his father. The two shared a long conversation. Kio's father told Kio that things weren't looking so fine. But, Kio, knowing it was not true, said that his father was going to be fine. Days later, Kio's father died. On the day of the funeral, Kio was crowned Fire Lord. Kio knew this was the beginning of a new chapter of his life. Only time would tell what would happen next.


Kio has long black hair and grey eyes. He is rather tall. His skin is light.