Welcome to the Healing Hut!

Healing Hut

The Healing Hut serves as an infirmary and a training facility for healing waterbenders. It used to be only open only for females but is now open to all waterbenders.


Healing is a sub-skill of waterbending which involves healing wounds by redirecting energy paths (or chi) throughout the body, using water as a catalyst.
Physically, healing draws on the restorative properties of water to organisms, such as human beings, that are primarily composed of it. Though unusually strong and powerful, waterbending induced healing cannot heal every ailment. It is shown that healing is ineffective on a person who has had their chi flow blocked or otherwise disrupted.
So far, waterbending induced healing has been shown to work on physical injuries, such as burns, lacerations, diseases brought on by severe pollution, and severe tissue damage caused by lightning bolts. It has even shown to counteract mental distress and tampering.


All roleplays will be conducted here.