The Spirit Oasis

Spirit Oasis
250px-Spirit Oasis overview

The Spirit Oasis is a verdant and lush garden located in a secluded cave behind the chief's temple at the base of a waterfall in the Northern Water Tribe's capital city at the North Pole. Although the land outside is perpetually frozen, the Spirit Oasis itself is warm.
This is where the mortal incarnations of the Moon Spirit and Ocean Spirit live. The water of the oasis is said to contain unique healing properties. It is also known as one of the most peaceful places in the bending world.

This unusual place is a lush, warm, tropical oasis and the center of all spiritual activity in the entire North Pole. The tribe believes that the energy of the Moon and Ocean Spirits keep the oasis constantly warm and flourishing. There is a small pond and a spirit gate located on the grassy island. During each full moon, the tribe makes an offering to the spirits as a thank you for their protection by placing food and objects beneath the oasis gate.

In the middle of the Spirit Oasis, there are koi fish
Tui and La
(one black and one white) who do not appear to be abnormal, but are, in reality, the Ocean and Moon Spirits, Tui and La.


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