Sheila Kim
Water Bender
(This Character Belongs to Demi)

MapLTemplate This character is currently at the Northern Water Tribe. You can only talk to her if you are at the same location.


Sheila -Water Bender
-The Water Bending Prodigy

 – 03:24, May 20, 2012 (UTC)

Hey there! Nice to meet you.


Sheila was born to Leilani Kim (mother) who was a healer and to Niko Kim (father) who was a former teacher at the Northern water tribe’s academy. Ever since she was young, her parents have been teaching her the art of water bending, healing and fighting.

She was enrolled in the academy at the age of 12 after her parents had deemed her good enough. During her first week, the older pupils would pick on her, thinking she was weak. She proved them all wrong and they ended up on the floor, unconscious after she let her anger get the best of her. The master water bender saw this and took great interest in her capabilities. For 3 years, she excelled in the academy, often giving her assistance to the younger pupils. In those three year, she has been able to master many water bending techniques like the Ice Breath, Water Counter and Ice Claw.

Currently, she is one of the best students in the academy and is the youngest student (at the age of 15) to be able to last more than ten minutes against a master water bender.

Water Bending Prodigy
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Leilani Kim (mother), Niko Kim (father)
Status Alive, 15
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Dark Blue/Black
Height 5'2"
Affiliation Northern Water tribe
Element Water
Home Northern Water Tribe

Missions None


Sheila is a quiet and shy type of girl but once she does what she does best at, she becomes a different person. She’s not afraid to try anything (except anything vulgar) and would help anyone she can. She’s friendly to those who she likes. Sheila would never tolerate the use of violence in solving problems and would rather use a diplomatic method. Also, don't test her patience because she's very near to becoming a master water bender.

Mastered Skills

Basic Waterbending

  1. Push and Pull Motion
  2. Water Manipulation
  3. Streaming the Water

Offensive Waterbending

  1. Water Wave
  2. Double WaterWhip
  3. Ice Breath
  4. Whirl Pool
  5. Ice Spikes
  6. Ice Claw
  7. Water Jet
  8. Ice Spear

Defensive Waterbending

  1. Ice Dome
  2. Water Shield
  3. Ice Pillars
  4. Steam bending
  5. Ice Prison
  6. Water Cloak
  7. Mass Freeze
  8. Water Dome

Utility Waterbending

  1. Water Bubble
  2. Water Temperature Control


Name Relation Feelings

Niko Kim

Father/First teacher

I love him very very much! I'm very grateful to him because he and mom taught me how to water bend.

Leilani Kim

Mother/Second teacher

I love her! She's put up with my mistakes in water bending and would be there for me.