Csupa Tolvaj Air bender

Sky -Air Bender

 – When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.

Hello, my name is Ji-Na but everyone calls me Sky.

(This Character Belongs to Kirá)

Csupa Tolvaj Sky Juan


Ji-Na Qing Hú ān

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born December 13
Family Gao Dong Shu (Father)

Ming-hoa Jing (Mother)

Renshu Zixin Ziang (Brother)

Liya Song Xia (Sister)

Status Alive (Age 17)
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Air Nomads
Weapons -
Bending Ability Air Bender (Acrobat)

Missions -


Sky has long dark brown hair and large brown eyes, her skin is naturally light but from the frequent travel it appears tan. She is usually wearing typical Air bender clothing, orange, yellow and beige or brown colors most often. She tends to put flowers or feathers in her hair when she puts it up.


Sky's mother was a Western Air Nomad named Ming-hoa, she had fallen in love with a charming young former monk Gao when they were 17. She had been stolen away from all her time spent training and that which she had left to be an Air bending Master. Her parents, The Jing family were very upset and the issue has never been resolved between her family and his.

They had their daughter Sky when they were well in to their 20's, Gao, Sky's father is an traveling Air bender. He had been to all four nations performing in an act with three other benders. They would put on a theater show displaying their abilities, Sky was raised as part of that lifestyle from birth to the present, as she grew up her parents realized by age 7 that Sky was an Air bender like them.

Gao was proud that the three of them would be able to perform together but Ming was worried about the danger that Sky could possibly face. She personally trained Sky in basic air bending, mostly maneuvers that were done from the ground to enhance her routines, when she excelled her father Gao was impressed and taught her the advanced bending used in the routines performed mid air.

At age 10, they had become a troupe, creating an act for themselves using their bending to do acrobatic tricks and juggling routines. Sky has a younger brother Renshu and sister Liya who participate as well, they are Air bender as well but with their youth comes a weaker ability. They are only allowed to use bending in the juggling routines While Ming, Gao and Sky perform acrobatics. Sky has trained them in very basic bending.

Sky is 17 now, the family usually travels but has settled down with their three children. Sky is getting older and Ming believes that she will be having her own children some day soon. Gao wants to travel still and does so in the hope of finding a nice home form the family some where near the Eastern Air temple. He is counting on the hope that where ever they do live, Sky won't go too far from home when she inevitably leaves.


Sky is a fun loving, thrill seeking, free spirit. She doesn't like to be in one place too long, she gets very anxious and stir crazy. She can be misunderstood, people see her as flaky and untrustworthy, she is really just eager and excitable.


Air swipe : Conjures a crescent-shaped construct of solidified air.

Air Suction : Used to bring people or things toward the Airbender.

Air Punch/Kick : Small, compressed formations of air that can be fired off the fists or feet of an Airbender.

Air Funnel : A small spinning funnel of air used to trap and disorient opponents or as a potent defense, it can deflect and repel objects it can even throw them back at an opponent.

Breath of wind : Standard air jet created from the mouth and lungs. Requires extremely good breath control to employ effectively.