MapLTemplate This character is currently at Western Air Temple. You can only talk to her if you are at the same location.
Avatar Arrow This airbender has mastered the art of airbending and therefore is granted her respective Airbender Tattoos.
Head Monk/Head Bending Teacher at the Western Air Temple
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born December 14th
Family Mato Nasim (Father)

Tiva Nasim (Mother)

Status Alive, Single
Eye Colour Silver/Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height .
Affiliation The Western Air Temple
Weapons Sword & Air Bending
Bending Ability Air Bending

Missions None


Thalia -Airbender
-Head Monk/Head Bending Teacher at the Western Air Temple

 – .

Welcome, Young Bender


Thalia is a very wise teenager but, she’s also very fun. She’s creative and a great leader. She’s also a master air bender.


Thalia Nasim was born into the Air Nomads. She was born to two air benders named Mato Nasim and Tiva Nasim at the Western Air Temple. After a while Mato had to return to his duties at the Southern Air Temple. Tiva raised her at the Western Air Temple. When she was five, she started air bending on her own until one day the head monk saw her air bending alone in her room. The head monk saw much talent in Thalia so she took in Thalia as her own student. Thalia grew up under the wisdom of the head monk and learned air bending very quickly. When Thalia turned eight, some matters showed up at the Northern Air Temple and the head monk had to go help out. But, so Thalia could continue her studies she went with the head monk. At the Northern Air Temple she met another Air Bender. He was very kind to her and the hung out and played together but, they also did their air bending lessons together. Thalia stayed at the Northern Air Temple for a year before heading back to the Western Air Temple. Thalia was very sad for having to leave her friend but, she had to go and finish her training with the head monk. When Thalia turned thirteen the head monk sent Thalia to go live with her sister, an earth bender for a little while. After six months, Thalia was sent to live with a friend of hers in the Northern Water Tribe. She stayed there for three months before being sent to stay with another friend of the head monk’s in the Southern Water Tribe. When Thalia turned fourteen she was finally sent to stay with a friend in the fire nation. On Thalia’s fifteen, she returned to the Western Air Temple. The head monk had started to grow old, so Thalia’s mother helped Thalia master her Air Bending. When Thalia turned seventeen she mastered air bending but, the head monk died of old age. After the head monks death, the sister monks chose Thalia to be the new head monk and head air bending teacher of the Western Air Temple.


Thalia has long black hair, silver/blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. She almost always wears a white dress but, sometimes wears air bending clothes and other clothes.