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Uisce Mizu

This Character is a Water Bender
MapLTemplate This character is currently at Republic City. You can only talk to him if you are at the same location.
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The Red Headed Healer From The Swamp
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born December 2nd, 1993
Family Sora Mizu (father,deceased,firebender)

Kara Cairi Mizu (mother,deceased,waterbender)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Red
Height 5'11"
Affiliation Foggy Swamp Tribe
Weapons Bending, also skilled at the bow
Bending Ability Waterbending, Plantbending, Healing

Missions N/A


Uisce Mizu, pronounced [ish-ka] is a waterbender hailing from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. His descent is of every bending nation, Water and Earth, from his mother and Fire and Air from his Father. He is a rare male healer, after learning it from his mother's teacher, and also an advant user of plantbending. He once lived in the Northern Tribe for his healing lessons, but after his parents death, has lived in Republic City from time to time; occasionally visiting the Water tribes. Descended from Aang through his paternal Air Nomad heritage.


Born in the Foggy Swamp Tribe because his mother needed other waterbenders for her birth and the Foggy Swamp Tribe was the closest tribe. He got influenced by the Foggy Swamp, such as being wild, hunting for food, being one with nature etc. He was always fascinated by his mother who traveled through all the known water tribes and learned techniques from each and every tribe, (plantbending,healing,[bloodbending before it was outlawed]). He admired his mom's healing the most and wanted to be just like her.

He discovered his bending at 9, which was pretty late and by then had moved back to the Northern Tribe where his mother was from. A male learning healing was still irregular and out of the norm at the Northern Tribe, but his mother got the best healer teacher who was once her teacher to teach him the technique and discover his calling.

One day his mom and dad (firebender) crashed into an sea monster and died while on a exporting (“FlameEE-O" instant noodles) trip to the Earth Kingdom. Devastated, he became an adventurer, at 15 and traveled to Republic city to hone his skills and find peace. He is also openly bisexual, has had a fair amount of both boyfriends and girlfriends. Currently lives in Republic City but occasionally visits all the Water Tribes. Hopes to be a master waterbender and open a school of healing in the Foggy Swamp Tribe - the first of its kind.


Timid and shy when first met, but is a great friend, momma's boy who wanted to be a healer like his mom. Is smart but can't put the knowledge to use when under pressure or in battle. Great sense of humor can literally laugh at the most randomest things. Loves meeting new people and waiting for a true love's call.


Pale, red hair, slightly muscular, green eyes from earth heritage. Wears traditional northern water bending clothes, but is also mixed with his home tribes' leaf hat (which is blue because of weather instead of green leaf), 7 piercings on right ear, and one on left.


  • Loves playing the ocarina his father made for him.