MapLTemplate This character is currently at Kyoshi Island. You can only talk to Xia Li if you are at the same location.
Kyoshi's Earthbender
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 1998
Family Mei Li, Dao Meng Li
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'7
Affiliation None
Weapons None
Bending Ability Earth

Missions None


Xia is a good kid who stands for her own opinion and what she thinks is right. She's friendly and has long patience but if her patience overflows, you wouldn't want to deal with her. Although, that rarely happens.


Mei Li, a pharmacist, and Dao Meng Li, a doctor, had Xia Li on February 9, 1998 in Kyoshi Island. Her parents weren't earthbenders but that didn't stop her from trying to learn. Her next door neighbour, Liang Sun, was an earthbending teacher and has taught his teenaged children, Ghuozi and Yuan. Xia, aged 8, has asked Liang to teach her how to do earthbending but she was never responded to. And so, the next thing she ever did was to try and get Ghuozi and Yuan to teach her which is hard for both sides since the brothers weren't even earthbending teachers. Xia learned it well and very much secretly. The only ones who knew about her skills were the brothers. One day when she was 11. Liang Sun 'caught' them in action. Having his sons go, he talked to Xia alone. Liang has told Xia about how they were the same, that he used to be the way she was when he was learning earthbending and that he has known of their 'secret' lessons even before. After revealing so, Xia had better training and her parents were glad that she was able to learn it since they never knew about it as well. The village knew about her skills since she has practiced everywhere and was respected for her skills even at a very young age. Now aged fifteen, she lives in Kyoshi Island.