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The Blazing Wanderer

The Lone Ember
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born Summer, 1995
Family Shu Lei (father, deceased)

Cai Lei (mother, deceased)

Status Alive and single
Eye Colour Golden brown
Hair Colour Orange
Height 5'9"
Affiliation Fire Nation, Himself
Weapons Bending ability, explosives, throwing knives and iron fan
Bending Ability Firebending

Missions N/A

Xun -Firebender and Assassin
-The Lone Ember

 – To attain my goal is to burn those who stand in my way.

What do you want?

Xun Lei (迅雷, literally meaning "fast thunder") is a skilled firebender and assassin in the Fire Nation. He is currently wandering the country, searching for wanted criminals. Thus, his location is hard to trace.


Xun was born to Shu and Cai Lei, both firebenders in a city east of the Fire Nation. They were the ruler of their town, and were treated with respect. Xun was a firebending prodigy, and skilled at the art of stealth and sudden attack. His parents aren't very strict on him so he let him hang out with his lower-class friends. It made him more adaptive to life and knew more about the life outside the walls of luxury. He became known all around the city as he always went out to explore. Although his parents doesn't really mind his activities as he doesn't get into trouble and get hurt but when death threats began to arise rumour, they became worried that he may become the target for kidnapping for ransom. He was then put on house arrest when the rumours became widespread and undoubtful.

A few attempts were made to kill the family but was able to escape death. After the last attack, the rumours began to subside and the attacks stopped. They were relieved it was all over; but they were dead wrong. One night, while they were all asleep, assumed assassins managed to break in their house. Xun woke up on the noises and noticed them break in his parents' room. He was scared that he may be the next killer so he quickly ran away his room and hid on the secret passage his father built for them when there is an emergency. When he felt his doubts disappear, he decided to check out his parents and see if they're okay. But upon getting there, he saw that his parents were dead. Their throats were slit until they ran out of air and bled to death. It was like heaven and earth crashed down on him. He was greatly crushed. He cried and cried on their corpses. The servants went in and saw that their masters were dead and were very saddened. They were buried at their garden at the back.

He was depressed all the time. He didn't want to eat. He just wants to lock up in his room. Finally, he managed to build his resolution: to search for his parents' killers and give the revenge they deserved. He packed his important things in a small rucksack, took on the weapons his father gave him, plus a special iron fan his mother gave to him in his fifteenth birthday, the last birthday he had with them. He secretly left their home and started his search for them.


He has wild orange hair and he sometimes ties it into a ponytail. He has bright golden brown eyes, which he inherited from his mother. He has light brown skin, has a moderate muscular build and stands at 5'9" in height. His canine teeth is pointed which can only be seen when he opens his mouth enough. After starting his search, he got a tattoo on his right forearm. The tattoo reads as 翼 (meaning "wings"). This symbolizes his freedom to set out on his own and follow his own direction, like a bird.


He tends to complain on different things, gets angry sometimes and likes to hit others when he's joking. He may have a rough personality but when you thoroughly meet him, you'll see that he's protective, loyal and the type of person to fight until the end. He's brave, determined and not reckless on things.


  • Firebending: He was trained since he was still very young so he learned much of the skills in firebending. He learned advanced techniques already, which makes him a formidable opponent.
  • Stealth: He's skilled from attacking at the distance with little or no noise at all. He's also skilled on not being noticed by climbing into ceilings, branches, air vents, etc.
  • Hearing: His hearing is his best alarm when an intruder goes in. His ears are perfectly clear and doesn't have any of the slightest of problems ever since birth.
  • Kinesthetics: He's very quick, nimble, agile and flexible. He can assume many positions to suit the environment he's in.


Parents' GiftsEdit

Iron FanEdit

This was a special foldable iron fan his father forged for him. Although at first impression it looks like a normal decoration but it is not. It can be folded and lightweight. When using firebending, he can use the fan to blow the fire, making it more larger. If it doesn't help, he can use the fan as an offensive weapon, but uses a style more manly than the Kyoshi Warriors. His fan is strapped to his back. To keep his hands from conducting the heat, the handle is wrapped in bandages.

Bead NecklaceEdit

The necklace is made of red, purple, yellow and green colored pearls which his mother gave to him. He always wears it as a keepsake and good luck charm, as he believed his mother is still watching over him. It doesn't have any magical properties, so its a normal necklace.

Skills LearnedEdit

He's learned some advanced skills in firebending but hasn't fully mastered it yet. Skills learned will be added later.


This character is roleplayed by Hyugabyakugan12.