Zora Hahyama
Fire Bender

(This Character Belongs to Fallen)

MapLTemplate This character is currently at Ember Island. You can only talk to her if you are at the same location.


When Zora was a young girl, her parents died by another Firebender. Zora was all alone. She stole food and hid in bushes so she wouldn't get caught. She wears a necklace her parents gave her. She always wears it.

One day, while stealing food, she got caught by someone. The store owner beat her on the head with a stick while the other guy told the police. She was angry and somehow firebended the entire food stand down! She ran and ran.

A few years later, She had enough money to buy a book. She chose a firebending scroll to help her firebend. She went out to the river at night, and started practicing the moves on the scroll. She thought she was pretty good until another firebender came from the park and saw Zora, practicing and told her to focus on your target, not on your fire.

She tried it and it worked! She was so happy! The firebender told Zora to follow him. He had a small cottage with a chimney. He made some fresh tea for Zora. Zora asked his name. He was an firebender master and said he'll help her. Zora couldn't believe her ears! He said he was searching for another firebender and help them train but, sadly, there none left but him and Zora. Zora asked his name. His name was Zhuang. Zhuang was now her firebender teacher/master. She practiced very hard. She was very close to being an firebender master.

When Zora was buying some fresh herbs for Zhuang, some bad goons were robbing a music store's cash register. She set the herbs down, and walked over. Zora asked why there were robbing a bank. They shot fire at her. She quickly firebended it out of her way. She asked again. This time, they fled but, Zora flatted all of the tires using a sharp piece of metal, causing it to not to budge. The goon made a run for it but, The police quickly arrested them. Zora became a hero. When she got to her master's house (which she now lived in), Zora set down the herbs on the table and told Zhuang the good news! Zhuang was proud of her.

Fire bending Master
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Zhuang (master/father-figure)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark Red/Pink
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Fire Nation
Element Fire
Home Ember Island
Missions None


Zora's a hot-headed girl. She isn't that nice to people she doesn't know. she's also kind of a tomboy.

Mastered Skills

Fire (Can turn her flames to the colors: Red/Orange, Blue, and white.), Lighting (It takes loads of energy.)

Name Relation Feelings

Master Zhuang


He's a great master.